Saturday, October 13, 2012

Why tell your story?

There are two main reasons to write or record or otherwise represent the stories of your life.

Write for yourself. 

Expressing your stories can help you document your experiences, recall pleasant moments, uncover lost memories, release anxiety, put things into perspective, process learning, [re]discover insights, clear your mind, overcome challenges, inspire creativity, drive action or any of a myriad of other  emotions and benefits.  Whether your story prompts positive or less positive reactions, the process of telling them can help you better understand and appreciate who you are and what makes you one-of-a-kind. 

Write for others.

You are unique and your story might help others to better learn about you but also about themselves.

Your story might:
  • help your children and grandchildren know you better.
  • lead family members to understand more about their personal history and influences.
  • encourage people battling similar challenges or roadblocks that you have met or overcome. 
  • inspire new ideas, new approaches or new appreciation.
  • make someone laugh, smile, cry, scream, rage, dance, run, write, share, think ...

Why do you tell your stories?

What stories do you want to tell and why do you want to tell them?

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