Saturday, October 13, 2012

Written or digital storytelling

How you choose to tell your story can be as individual and unique as you are.  Here are some resources that might help you to write or record stories that keep people reading or listening.

General writing tips

Want to write fiction?  Here is step-by-step process that you could also apply in your own stories.

Writing tips that are helpful whether you want to write biography or fiction.

Quick tips for telling your story - public speaking or otherwise.

Some reasons you should tell all your stories.

Resources and tips for preserving your life story.

Oral history and digital storytelling

A not for profit organization dedicated to preserving oral histories for Americans of all backgrounds.

Helen Bartlett offers plenty of links to sites with digital storytelling resources.

Center for Oral History and Digital StoryTelling

Seven elements of digital storytelling.


Resources for bloggers at all levels of involvement.

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