Thursday, October 25, 2012


I'm going to be moving this blog sometime next month and in the meantime will probably be writing less frequently.  I am in the process of restructuring my business and reorganizing my office and, truth be told, my life in general.  That is going to involve some home / office renovation and is going to have my workspace in a bit of disarray.  it is an exciting but nerve-racking time.

While I'm in transition, I do not anticipate being inspired or inclined to blog every day but I'll be developing ideas, creating a new site and looking for new ways to tell stories.  I will pop in when I can and hope that you will join me when I relaunch, likely in early December.

As I mentioned in a recent post, I might have slight indications to perfectionist tendencies. Ok, we're beyond that.  It might be more than slight.  If you'd like, you can read my Case for Imperfection and let me know where you stand on the whole perfectionist thing.   I have become increasingly aware that I am often guilty of letting perfection become procrastination,  partly because it takes me too long to do everything so that I just run out of time.  I'm working on it.  Really.  I've stopped thinking and planning what I'm going to do about it and started taking steps.  Thus some of the motivation for the whole reorganizing thing. 

One of my ongoing struggles with letting go of perfection is not trying to do everything in order and being stuck moving forward because I didn't finish everything that I think should be done first.  Like journaling or blogging every day and having to go back and fill missed days.  I have managed to become quite good at taking that approach with scrapbook projects.  I now do single pages or albums and the spirit moves me and not having to do things in some designated order.  I'm getting many more stories down.  The next thing will be to stop taking so long on each page. Although I do enjoy the process, I am starting to try for more speed scraps.  That being speedy for me, I expect, rather than in a truly fast way in the scheme of things.  Anyway, I'm now looking to apply that approach to other things as well.

All of this is a rather wordy description of why my taking days off from blogging could actually be a kind of test - a challenge to keep things moving forward with missed days and inconsistent posting schedule.   So, I'll see you around in the next while.  Sometime.  Who knows?  I'm a free spirit so I will write when the spirit moves but maybe not too far apart.  Hmm, maybe I should just make a schedule with less frequent postings... no, no.  Definitely going to get better at this.  Time to listen to the wisdom of Yoda  "...there is no try".

What will you do today to better tell your stories - or to create new stories? 

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